Are you available for voice projects this summer?

Posted by Marie Sinclair on Jul 9, 2020 9:50:54 AM

Update your availabilities to show in casting searches.

Sans titre-2

You're available for voice projects this summer? 

Make sure your profile lists in casting searches by date!

It couldn't be easier:

  • Connect to your Voxing Pro profile
  • Go to "My availabilities"
  • Enter the dates you ARE NOT available - all other dates will record as available by default


  • Select "I am available from today to work"

Voxing Pro Voice Actor Availabilities

Note: on Voxing Pro, only actors with corresponding availabilities show in casting searches by date and many producers & voice directors use this filter! 

Update My Availabilities


See you soon on Voxing Pro! 


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Advantages of paid subscriptions (3/4): Actor profiles include more samples & info and get more views in casting searches

Posted by Marie Sinclair on Jul 6, 2020 4:53:44 PM


As detailed in the previous article of our series "Advantages of paid Voxing Pro subscriptions", paid Voxing Pro subscriptions benefit from increased promotion of their profiles to registered producers and voice directors on our platform.

But did you know Voxing Pro paid subscriptions allow you to upload more audio and video voice samples, more photos and include more detailed information than our Free plan and increase the chances of your profile showing up in more casting searches? 

Third advantage of Voxing Pro paid subscriptions: A more dynamic and comprehensive personal web-showcase!

Your public Voxing Pro page is more elaborate, beautiful and professional. And you can be sure that registered producers and voice directors can see the difference of paid and free subscriptions.



The homepage of your personal Voxing Pro site offers two display possibilities: one big image with or without your avatar.

You can also write a personalised welcome message to promote your news and updates, or perhaps highlight a specificity of your voice.




Your dubbing references stand out! All the actors you've dubbed are displayed with photos, contrary to Free subscriptions where dubbing references are only listed textually.

No other voice casting platform offers the same visual impact of your dubbing experience and projects in one simple glance, whether you dub the same "type" of actor/actress regularly or a multitude!



Paid subscriptions offer unlimited CV display space. You can detail as much of your experience as you wish, write a presentation text that highlights your experience, the sky is the limit! 



Voice samples, videos, photos... your page highlights as much as you want! No limits! 


Discover Voxing Pro subscriptions


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Advantages of Voxing Pro paid subscriptions (2/4): Boosted promotion of your profile

Posted by Marie Sinclair on Jun 29, 2020 4:07:37 PM


As seen in article #1 of our series "Advantages of paid Voxing Pro subscriptions", actors with paid offers are more visible in casting tools used by producers and voice directors. But did you know your profile also gets boosted promotion elsewhere? Discover the details!

2nd advantage of Voxing Pro paid subscriptions: active promotion of your profile on different marketing & communication supports



VoxingPro Newsletter EN

Voxing Pro talents with subscription get their profile showcased 1-2 times per year to all registered producers and voice actors. As with profile ranking in casting tools, actors highlighted in our newsletters depend on their offer levels.



homepage  EN

Another advantage of paid subscriptions is that your profile is shared on our homepage, viewed by a lot of site visitors and producers. Share your news and updates!



frédéric blindt success story EN

Share your Voxing Pro success stories and we'll share your page and story on our social networks.



Within just a few days, your Voxing Pro profile lists in top results on major search engines when someone searches for you by name. 


Discover Voxing Pro subscriptions


Stay tuned for the next article in our series on the advantages of Voxing Pro paid subscriptions.


Advantages of Voxing Pro paid subscriptions (1/4): Increased visibility in casting tools

Posted by Marie Sinclair on Jun 29, 2020 12:13:39 PM


Paid Voxing Pro subscriptions offer detailed and dynamic actor profiles that rank high in Google searches, are boosted in casting searches, are strongly promoted to producers and voice casters, and offer analytic tools to optimise profile performance in casting tools.

1st + : Promotion in producer and voice director casting tools



LW Casting EN

Your profile listed in the casting tools used by 700+ producers and voice directors registered on the platform: 

  • Depending on the offer you have, your profile show up in the top casting search results. Profiles are listed in this order: Fortissimo, Forte, Piano/New Talents and then Free offers.
  • If casters search for talents with experience in specific sectors (TV, cinema, video games, audiobooks, etc.), only actors with paid offers have the possibility to specify this information, and only these profiles will show in results.
  • If casters, notably for dubbing projects, search actors with live experience (theatre, musicals, etc.), only actors with paid offers can specify this information and show in results.
  • If a caster seeks talents located in specific regions, only actors with paid offers have the possibility of listing several work zones, and their chances of being cast are multiplied.



medias mosaique

Your profile and samples show up in more casting searches when producers and voice directors search media directly:

  • Paid offers allow you to upload more audio samples and videos to your profile and they are also integrated directly into the casting tools. This means your profile is listed more often. More samples => your profile in more casting search results.




LW Dashboard EN

Your profile promoted on producer and voice director dashboards:

  • Your profile is presented on the dashboards of producers and voice directors, more often depending on your offer level. This is the first screen they see when signing into their accounts.
  • Your dubbing references are promoted in the carrousel at the top of their dashboard with the name of the actor you dubbed, associated TV series or film, with a direct link to your profile.
  • Our Twitter feed permanently displays our producer newsletter that highlights your profile, actor "success stories" and news, etc.


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Detailed statistics on profile visits & sample listens - Advantages of Voxing Pro paid subscriptions (4/4)

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Are YOUR actors equipped to work from home? We can help you find out!

Posted by Marie Sinclair on Apr 16, 2020 11:58:17 AM

The Voxing Pro Booking tool makes communicating with YOUR actors easy and lets you diffuse mass and personalised messages in just 3 steps : 


1 Upload your private actor list to your Voxing Pro Address Book (confidential) using this template.


2 - Send a mass, personalised, SMS text your actors with our Booking tool (free), asking them to create Free accounts on the platform and provide information on their remote recording possibilities and equipment.  

Example : "Hi, Please create a free account on & specify home studio equip so we know you’re available. Give our name for fast validation. Studio X"


3 - Once they've registered, they'll be tagged "Voxer" in your Address Book and you'll be able to filter by home studio. Of course, you'll also have access to their audio & video files, CVs, dubbing experience, etc.

As always, you can invite team members to your VP workspace 😁



Log In


Don't have an account yet? Create one for free here 


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Voxing Pro, leading voice casting platform in France!

Posted by Ginger Johnson on Jun 24, 2019 5:12:08 PM


Big news in the French voice casting industry! Voxing Pro has slid into first place as the leading voice casting platform in France! With more than 71,000 visits in three months, the site has taken the lead with a whopping 46% of voice casting traffic


Voxing Pro has bypassed their national competitors as the top visited voice casting website. 


It's also the site with the largest selection of professional voice actors. The platforms presents almost 800 voice actors and 360 producers. 

Better selection of voice actors = more attractive to producers! 



Voxing Pro, a site for dubbing AND voice-over & vice versa! 

Producers and casting directors have traditionally had to search different sites for dubbing and voice-over actors...not any longer! Voxing Pro's elaborate selection of voice talents offers the possibility to organise castings for both domaines on one platform. 

  • Dubbing : The search field on the homepage allows searching for actors who have dubbed specific movies or series and even by character names, a functionality also available to producers in their casting engine.  
  • Voice-over: Casting search combinations are comprehensive, and allows for searches filtering voice characteristics, sector-specific experience, and even casting searches of audio and video medias, with countless search combinations that furnish pertinent results! 


Attention actors! No need to pay to be presented on several sites...

Voxing Pro offers a comprehensive solution that references dubbing credits, experience, audio and video samples and much more! 

  • Voice actor promotion, the site offers mini-websites extremely well referenced on Google and other search engines, that are incredible marketing supports. A simple search by the name of an actor pulls up their personal page in search engine results, and contains all their dubbing credits and/or voice-over experience (including audio + video medias) and photos. A powerful interactive resume that can be updated at any time!   
  • In addition, it's easy to register! In just a few clicks, the actor pages are integrated into our producers and casting directors casting search engines! 


Voxing Pro is updated continually and promotes your profile to producers via their dashboard, an opt-in newsletter, mobile casting app...and much more! Our casting tools make the difference! 


Register now and use Voxing Pro's casting tools for free! (here)


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5 Tips for finding voice actors on Voxing Pro

Posted by Ginger Johnson on Mar 15, 2019 2:36:40 PM

Search and cast voice actors on Voxing Pro

Voxing Pro makes it possible for voice actors create personalised and professional profiles visible to everyone! Voice talents can upload audio and video samples along with a myriad of professional information and voice characteristics. But how exactly can site visitors and audiovisual professionals find their page?


1- Using the Voxing Pro search bar

Voxing Pro’s search engine allows visitors to search for voice actors registered on the platform by name, movie titles, and actors and characters they've dubbed.


2 - Via the casting tool used by producers and artistic directors

Registered Artistic Directors and Producers have private access to the Voxing Pro meta voice search engine. Our technology allows for ultra-precise searches based on:

Precise voice characteristics:  medium-hoarse female voice, French male voice, aged 40–50 years old, advertising...

Keywordsdocumentary, Nicole Kidman, Batman, advertising, Assassin’s Creed…

Audio and Video tags: BMW, Canon, video game, specific audio books...

3 - On search engines such as

Thanks to our search engine referencing technology, your page is very well referenced in search engines. People and producers looking for you will be able to find you by doing a search directly in the search engines. You can test it yourself! Just type your name in Google, and the link of your Voxing Pro page will appear in the very first results.


4 - On the Voxing Pro homepage

You may have noticed on the Voxing Pro homepage that voice actors profiles will appear randomly. Website visitors are only one click away from actors profiles. An eye-catching pic will get you more clicks...that's a good reason to carefully select your headshot..


5 - By word of mouth

A Voxing Pro page surely is the best business card : it’s clear, it’s beautiful, it highlights an actor's best works, and it’s easily sharable. So be sure to share it on all your social networks, on your website, at the bottom of your emails… and to talk about it!

When agents or producers ask to see your work, or to be sent some of your audio samples, don't hesitate to send them your page url. They'll surely be impressed by your interactive and updated portfolio, and most importantly, be able to easily share it later themselves!

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VoxingPro Mobile App - Stay Connected

Posted by Ginger Johnson on Mar 15, 2019 2:21:25 PM

Voxing Pro mobile app

Voxing Pro Mobile App 

Cast leading dubbing & voiceover actors from anywhere! Free & direct access to a vetted talent database and time saving casting tools. No commissions. No hidden costs. Reserved for industry professionals.

Producers and Voice Directors
Enjoy quick and easy access to all your Voxing Pro casting tools 
  • Search our talent database
  • Contact talents & agents directly with our Booking tool, keeping your contact info confidential
  • Confirm actor availability for auditions
  • Manage your casting projects
  • Collaborate with your team
  • and search talents, manage bookings, and collaborate with your team  without missing a beat.


Voiceover and Dubbing Actors

  • Just finished a recording session ? Upload your latest voiceover and dubbing samples and references, manage your profile and categorise your samples so they’ll show up in casting searches from wherever you are!
  • Have a few minutes free? Check out your profile statistics and adjust the categorisation of your samples according to trending casting searches. Update your availabilities every chance you get and don’t miss an occasion to get booked!
  • Keep your finger on the pulse of professional opportunities by keeping your professional network in your pocket! You’ll receive Casting Call notifications directly on your mobile!
The app is free and available in the App Store and Google Play, currently in 3 languages : English, French and German. Download it now and start optimising your professional projects !


google-play app-store-google-play_01C2012C01632438

* Voxing Pro respects your privacy and will only process your data in accordance with the European Unions privacy laws and regulations.

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5 Tips to get your profile seen in casting search results

Posted by Ginger Johnson on Mar 14, 2019 3:17:03 PM


You've uploaded amazing audio and video samples, your photos are professional, your profile looks great! So why haven't you been contacted for a casting? Here are 5 Tips to make sure your profile shows up in casting searches!

You might be perfect for a voice project, but if your profile doesn't show up in producer and voice director casting search results, chances are slim you'll be contacted to audition

To fully appreciate the 5 Tips we are going to share, you need to think like a producer and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What voice characteristics will be searched every time? 
  • What actor characteristics will they search for every time? 
  • What casting themes are trending? 
  • Are my availabilities updated? 
  • Have I updated my profile to reflect my experience 

Producers and voice directors are busy. Often, they don't have a lot of time to spend on voice casting, one of the most important elements of a project's success. This is why so many of them use Voxing Pro, to find great voice talents quickly! 

filmmaker-2838935Our voice meta search engine allows them to rapidly filter talent profiles by: 

  • References of films, original actors, characters, brands...
  • General talent characteristics: gender, languages, accents...
  • Specific talent voice characteristics: type of voice, voice age brackets...
  • Audio sample and video categories: broadcast, demo, mock-up, emotion, role, interpretation...
  • If your samples haven't been categorised, they won't show up in search results.


Our 5 Top Tips for optimising your Voxing Pro profile to increase profile views and get your voice hear in casting searches: 

1. Correctly categorise your audio samples

It is critical to correctly categorise every single audio sample you showcase on your profile.

Remember the screens that popped up when you started categorising your samples? We weren't just being curious :) When you categorised the samples, this information was integrated into the casting tools used by casters. Take your time to accurately categorise your samples, otherwise they won't show up in searches.

Many actors quickly tag samples with 3 or 4 categories in order to submit their profiles for validation as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, they often neglect to optimise the categorisation after they've been validated and published on the platform.

Name your files wisely and remember to include brand names, movie names, video game names, audio book names, etc., these tags help in searches too!


2. Categorise your video samples

Video samples can be just as powerful as audio samples in helping you get an audition. Videos present you "in action", and often serve as a "tipping point" when a producer is hesitating between talents.

Are your videos meticulously categorised? Will the producer find your video corresponds to the categories you've specified? We recommend taking a look at the different categories requested for videos, then taking the time to watch your videos, taking notes of different categorisations that may apply.

As with your audio files, don't forget the importance of the video's name for searches by keywords.


3. Photo Selection

We strongly recommend using professional photos. If you are unable to provide professional photos, be sure the photos you upload are high resolution, clear and "clean". By clean, we mean there shouldn't be clutter, keep the focus on you. Use this tool to convey a sense of who you are. Do you want to appear fun loving, professional, eccentric....?

Your photos are the first opportunity you have to grab a producer's attention. They quickly scan actor search results and click on professional photos that stand our from the rest. They will not take the time to click on every talent, your photo is your chance to get your foot in the door - make the most of it!

  • Your avatar (headshot) shows up in casting results. Make sure this image is a close-up and your face is not covered by your hair. Photos where actors are looking directly at the lens have a higher click rate. Most actors are not wearing bright colors - you might consider a picture where you are so you stand out!
  • Your cover image is the big image on the top of your Voxing Pro public profile. Actors with paid subscriptions can personalise this photo, and we suggest publishing a different image than your avatar in this prime space. Actors with FREE subscriptions have a default image published that cannot be modified (the same image is used on every FREE subscription).
  • "My Photos" is where you should upload a maximum of photos that show you in different scenarios and "in action"! If you have pictures of yourself working in a studio, make sure you include a few.

As with audio and video files, don't forget to categorise your photos! 


4. Update your profile to match trending casting searches

You were wondering what the statistics you see on your dashboard were all about? Take a closer look at the "Most played categories on Voxing Pro" (top right of your statistics dashboard if you have a paid plan). As does every industry, different sectors casting voice talents have low and high seasons. By showcasing samples that correspond to casting trends and categorising them correctly, you increase the probability of your profile getting viewed and your voice heard.


5. Availabilities

As you have probably noticed, voice directors and producers have a tendency to cast last minute. Our availability filter is used often! Always keep your availabilities updated to make sure they know you're free.

You can also update availabilities directly from our mobile app (available on Apple Store and Google Play).

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