Voxing Pro Dubbing Database "I Did It"

Posted by Marie Sinclair on Jan 20, 2022 10:36:41 AM

We've made it easy to add dubbing credits to your profile!

The Voxing Pro "I Did It!" feature allows voice actors to reference original actors they've dubbed, even if it was only one episode of a series or a single film.

Only available on Voxing Pro, the "I Did It" dubbing database is a favorite tool of producers and voice directors who use it often to search actors by dubbing credits.

Presentation :

Adding a dubbing reference couldn't be easier!


Which actors should I add?

All of them!

Each actor you've dubbed shows off another project you've completed. You never know which dubbing project will grab a producer's attention!


Which film should I add?

Who doesn't remember the voice in a film that touched them? Add every film reference you have to your profile, they can all be useful.

"I DID IT" Dubbing Database lets you reference unlimited past dubbing projects for free, helping you show off the scope of your potential.

Producers and voice directors can search the database directly from the Voxing Pro homepage, and also from the casting tools on their dashboards.


Do I have to pay extra for the "I DID IT" feature?

"I DID IT" references are 100% free and you can reference unlimited actors. 

The only difference for Voxing Pro Free Subscriptions is the list of actors does not include photos, it's only a text list. 


Voxing Pro's "I DID IT" Dubbing Database is a powerful work tool for producers casting dubbing roles and an incredible opportunity for actors to showcase their dubbing experience.

Voxing Pro simplifies casting interactions between voice actors, producers, voice casters, dubbers, agents, studios and sound engineers. Our tools accelerate the decision process, get actors promoted to casting deciders, showcase talent experience and voice characteristics, help production teams work better and faster, all in an optimised and private work environment.  

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