Are YOUR actors equipped to work from home? We can help you find out!

Posted by Marie Sinclair on Apr 16, 2020 11:58:17 AM

The Voxing Pro Booking tool makes communicating with YOUR actors easy and lets you diffuse mass and personalised messages in just 3 steps : 


1 Upload your private actor list to your Voxing Pro Address Book (confidential) using this template.


2 - Send a mass, personalised, SMS text your actors with our Booking tool (free), asking them to create Free accounts on the platform and provide information on their remote recording possibilities and equipment.  

Example : "Hi, Please create a free account on & specify home studio equip so we know you’re available. Give our name for fast validation. Studio X"


3 - Once they've registered, they'll be tagged "Voxer" in your Address Book and you'll be able to filter by home studio. Of course, you'll also have access to their audio & video files, CVs, dubbing experience, etc.

As always, you can invite team members to your VP workspace 😁



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