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Advantages of Voxing Pro paid subscriptions (2/4): Boosted promotion of your profile

Posted by Marie Sinclair on Jun 29, 2020 4:07:37 PM


As seen in article #1 of our series "Advantages of paid Voxing Pro subscriptions", actors with paid offers are more visible in casting tools used by producers and voice directors. But did you know your profile also gets boosted promotion elsewhere? Discover the details!

2nd advantage of Voxing Pro paid subscriptions: active promotion of your profile on different marketing & communication supports



VoxingPro Newsletter EN

Voxing Pro talents with subscription get their profile showcased 1-2 times per year to all registered producers and voice actors. As with profile ranking in casting tools, actors highlighted in our newsletters depend on their offer levels.



homepage  EN

Another advantage of paid subscriptions is that your profile is shared on our homepage, viewed by a lot of site visitors and producers. Share your news and updates!



frédéric blindt success story EN

Share your Voxing Pro success stories and we'll share your page and story on our social networks.



Within just a few days, your Voxing Pro profile lists in top results on major search engines when someone searches for you by name. 


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Stay tuned for the next article in our series on the advantages of Voxing Pro paid subscriptions.


Advantages of Voxing Pro paid subscriptions (1/4): Increased visibility in casting tools

Posted by Marie Sinclair on Jun 29, 2020 12:13:39 PM


Paid Voxing Pro subscriptions offer dynamic and elaborate websites that are extremely well referenced in the search engines, boost the visibility and promotion of your profile to producers and voice casters and provide you access to analytic tools to optimise profile performance in casting tools.

1st + : Promotion in producer and voice director casting tools



LW Casting EN

Your profile listed in the casting tools used by 500 producers and voice directors registered on the platform: 

  • Depending on the offer you have, your profile show up in the top casting search results. Profiles listed in this order: Fortissimo, Forte, Piano/New Talents and then Free offers.
  • If casters search for talents with experience in specific sectors (TV, cinema, video games, audiobooks, etc.), only actors with paid offers have the possibility to specify this information, and only these profiles will show in results.
  • If casters, notably for dubbing projects, search actors with live experience, theatre, musicals, etc., only actors with paid offers can specify this information and show in results.
  • If a caster seeks talents located in specific regions, only actors with paid offers have the possibility of listing several work zones, and their chances of being cast are multiplied.



medias mosaique

Your profile and samples show up in more casting searches when producers and voice directors search medias directly:

  • Paid offers allow you to upload more audio samples and videos to your profile and they are also integrated directly into the casting tools. This means your profile is listed more often. More samples => your profile in more casting search results.




LW Dashboard EN

Your profile promoted on producer and voice director dashboards:

  • Your profile is presented on the dashboards of producers and voice directors, more often depending on your offer level. This is the first screen they see when signing into their accounts.
  • Your dubbing references are promoted in the carrousel at the top of their dashboard with the name of the actor you dubbed, associated TV series or film, with a direct link to your profile.
  • Our Twitter feed permanently displays our producer newsletter that highlights your profile, actor "success stories" and news, etc.




Stay tuned for upcoming articles where we'll highlight other advantages of paid subscriptions: promotion of your profile! 

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Are YOUR actors equipped to work from home? We can help you find out!

Posted by Marie Sinclair on Apr 16, 2020 11:58:17 AM

The Voxing Pro Booking tool makes communicating with YOUR actors easy and lets you diffuse mass and personalised messages in just 3 steps : 


1 Upload your private actor list to your Voxing Pro Address Book (confidential) using this template.


2 - Send a mass, personalised, SMS text your actors with our Booking tool (free), asking them to create Free accounts on the platform and provide information on their remote recording possibilities and equipment.  

Example : "Hi, Please create a free account on & specify home studio equip so we know you’re available. Give our name for fast validation. Studio X"


3 - Once they've registered, they'll be tagged "Voxer" in your Address Book and you'll be able to filter by home studio. Of course, you'll also have access to their audio & video files, CVs, dubbing experience, etc.

As always, you can invite team members to your VP workspace 😁



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