Interview with Emily Cass, professional voice actress

Posted by Léa Rousseau on Mar 2, 2021 6:02:33 PM

Emily Cass

"The ability to fail is an opportunity to grow": the young multi-award nominated English voice actress, Emily Cass, answered a few questions about her career.

When did you decide to start your voice career?

I would say the idea of creating characters vocally for animation really sparked my interest in this field. When I was 20, I took my first leap into this industry and after getting my 1st set of voice reels produced, I was really fortunate to have some great jobs come in quite soon. In now just over 15 months I have been very lucky with the array of voice jobs I have done and can't wait for the future.
What qualities are important to succeed in this industry?
The ability to be creative and spontaneous, I often think the best acting and vocal choices you hear on ads/animation/games etc, are the ones that go slightly against expectation, leaving the listener with an element of surprise.

What life experience has been the most helpful for you in becoming a voice actor?

That's an interesting question! I used to dance a lot and take a lot of dance exams, and over my youth through my dance teacher it taught me the importance of failure and that the ability to fail is an opportunity to grow. I find that this is key to this industry.

Do you feel pressure before auditions?

I don't really think of it as pressure, as something I really enjoy and each audition is an opportunity to be creative, practice my craft and have fun. Ultimately doing what I love to do.

How do you prepare for studio sessions?

If I work from home, I would ensure all my equipment is set up properly and all connections and cables are together, do a short vocal warm up, prior to the session check over and study the copy and then be open to all direction that may be given live on session. I love going to a studio to record so if I head off to a studio, I always give myself plenty of time before hand, so I can relax and then just soak up the creative space when I arrive.
Emily Cass

How do you create voices for cartoon characters?

I mostly just use my instinct, I love looking at a brief and if the casting director has given pictures really study it, embody the character and see what vocal shifts naturally happen. Then break it down in detail and work out where vocally this character sits, what energy does it have? Where do I embody the sound? Does the character have any vocal features e.g. a grunt, lisp, stammer e.t.c?

What types of projects are your favorites?

For me, it has to be animation. There is so much freedom in voicing animation.

Tell us about one of your favorite roles.

I recently voiced a few characters in a a new app, but I just totally fell in love with one of the characters from that, the dialogue was bubbly and the pace felt so crazy.

What advice do you have for someone looking to start a voice acting carrer?

Experiment, get creative, listen to existing talent, challenge yourself, train your ear and be bold!

What's your biggest professional dream?

It's probably every actors dream but I would love to voice a pixar character. Maybe even one that sings!!

  Emily Cass


Find Emily Cass, her voice and her credits on her Voxing Pro page.


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Interview with Mathieu Barrabes, professional French voice actor

Posted by Léa Rousseau on Oct 23, 2020 12:04:41 PM

Mathieu Barrabes

"I play with my tongue, teeth and cheeks to find the right posture for my mouth": French voice actor Mathieu Barrabès told us a bit more about his career and technique. 

When did you decide to start your voice career?

I made the decision right after my trip to Japan in 2009.  Living, breathing and rocking in Greater Tokyo was surrealistic. It was such a beautiful experience to live in another country: the people, the culture... and the live houses! I understood that everything was possible and that I could realise my dreams.
I already had drama qualifications, and was already interested in dubbing, but it wasn't enough! After practicing a lot during different workshops (Online Coaching Voix-Off by Lorenzo Pancino, then in professional studios with Arnaud Clergue), I started my voice career in 2012. But I have never stoped learning since then! The last dubbing workshop I did was with Mathieu Richer in 2015.
What qualities are important to succeed in this industry?
It has been really hard for me to become a professional voice actor. Talent and training isn't enough to succeed; you need to learn how to solicit producers and voice directors by yourself. I started by contacting advertising agencies and local radio stations to get the necessary experience so I could offer my talents to bigger projects.
I also reckon that acting, playing and performing music are some of the most important things to succeed in a voice acting career. Expressing feelings and emotions and developing an artistic side is key, as we are asked to deliver different emotions for each project, each client. Besides, having a love for words, rhythm and poetry is important as well.

How do you prepare for studio sessions and auditions?

Before an audition, I eat dark chocolate and drink a good coffee. To prepare my studio sessions : I do lots of breathing!

How do you create voices for cartoon characters?

Sometimes clients bring me pictures of the characters they created. In that way, it is easy to find the right voice. When I look for "the right voice", I play with my tongue, teeth and cheeks to find the right posture for my mouth, the right shape. Having good control of my body helps a lot.
Mathieu Barrabes


What types of projects are your favourites?

I love working on video games and dubbing because I love playing characters... Actually, as voice actors, we are always playing a role... in every new project we do! One of my favorite role was playing a dragon in a video game. I loved it!

What was your funniest project?

Playing Darth Vader, Santa Claus and Robin in the same project. It was very funny to play different characters as I had to modulate my voice and try to adapt it to each character. It's a very complicated work for the actor, who needs to practice before the studio session, and who needs to have very good voice control. It's exhausting but also so fun! It's straining for your vocal cords, your body and mind. When you can gather the three of them together, it is a real pleasure!

Any upcoming projects?

I just finished a beautiful project with Blue Okapi which will be broadcasted soon on French National TV. I can't wait!

What's your biggest professional dream?

I would love to be booked for big dubbing projects happening in Paris. I love the charm of Parisians recording studios and dubbing sets, and being able to feel the presence of my voice actor partners. It reminds me of when I was performing on stage in theaters. But with the sanitary crisis, I'm mostly working in my home studio, for Netflix productions for instance. Also, one day, I'd love to make my acting debut in a movie. That would be amazing!
 Mathieu Barrabes


Find Mathieu Barrabes, his voice and his credits on his Voxing Pro page.


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