Filter voice actors by availabilities for your summer projects!

Posted by Marie Sinclair on Jul 9, 2020 1:00:30 PM

Save time voice casting with our actor availability filter

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Do you spend a lot of time looking for voiceover and dubbing actors available for summer projects? We have a solution 😜

Did you know you can search actor availabilities in real time on Voxing Pro?

It's simple and free: 

  • Connect to your Voxing Pro profile
  • Go to "Castings"
  • Specify the dates you need in "Availability" - along with other search criteria
Only actors available for your dates list in your casting search results.

Search Available Actors

Voxing Pro Voice Actors Availabilities EN

As a reminder, you can also filter actors by : 

  • home studio equipment
  • access to studios with sound engineers
  • sector experience (video game, TV ads, radio ads, animation, TV series, e-learning, audiobooks, documentaries)
  • location
  • voice age
  • sex
  • language
  • accent
  • live experience
  • voice characteristics....... and more! 

Don't forget you can combine audio sample + video searches with actor experience and voice characteristics to fine-tune your casting search results!

Have questions? Need help? We're happy to assist! 


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