Precision casting search tools help you find the perfect voice actor fast!

Posted by Marie Sinclair on Feb 21, 2022 6:53:14 PM
Marie Sinclair

The Voxing Pro voice casting search engine offers 28 filters to shortlist talents, helping you quickly find the perfect voices for projects!

Casters have free and direct access to our vetted talent base and casting tools that let you search 1,400 elaborately categorised actor profiles, and their audio & video media directly, or to mix and match to fine-tune your search results.

Perhaps you're casting a leading role and looking for an actor that has dubbed a minimum of 50 video game projets, who also has experience in animation, has a raspy voice, has theatrical experience, voices 20-30 year old characters, speaks Spanish with a Columbian accent, is located in London ... our casting engine can help you find that talent!

EN Casting Search

Some of our search filters include: 

  • Sector experience
  • Availabilities
  • Dubbing references
  • Spoken voice tone
  • Singing voice range
  • Languages + accents
  • Ages voiced
  • Keywords
  • Home studio equipped
  • Agrees to scream
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Character dubbed
  • Actor dubbed
  • Project dubbed

Once your inscription request is validated, you have direct access to actor contact information and negotiate directly with talents. Voxing Pro does not get involved in negotiations, nor do we charge services fees or take commissions. Use of our platform is 100% free for voice casters.

Other casting tools include a Booking tool that lets you communicate with actors via the platform, keeping your contact information confidential. Our project management tool lets you add Voxing Pro actors as well as actors not present on Voxing Pro to projects. A team collaboration feature lets you invite your team members to share your account, yet keep certain projects private. 


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